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Linking vendor documentation to equipment tag numbers is extremely valuable for facility maintenance and operations staff. They can easily retrieve all related data and documents for any piece of equipment. Unfortunately, the information required to create these links is generally not stored within the documents themselves. It must be created manually for each document, and is typically completed by the supplier’s document department. Likewise, the engineering company’s verification and re-keying of this information is equally time-consuming.

Focused largely on tagged equipment, DocBoss minimizes the manual work required to deliver project documentation. With a unique solution which creates and links the document register to the order data, DocBoss systematically creates document metadata (including document specific tag lists).

We then use this data, (along with a heavy dose of document management and document formatting magic), to comply with document submission specifications. The DocBoss system appends customer specific cover sheets to every document, includes all relevant metadata (including tag lists), tracks approval status, location, transaction history and due dates.

Finally, it creates every document compilation (record books, shipping dossiers etc.) required for the job.


Gnaros Inc.

Based in Calgary Canada, Gnaros Inc develops and supports Docboss, a cloud based vendor submission solution, designed especially for companies engaged in multiple contracts requiring the controlled submission of documents to multiple EPCs.

Initially conceived in 2007 within an instrumentation company to manage the increasing complexity, without the need for IT support, to controlling document tracking, submissions and associated TAG numbers.  DocBoss has customers in over 7 countries.

Ideal for manufacturers, fabricators, distributors and representatives DocBoss is easily configurable to meet the differing standards required by EPCs streamlining and monitoring internal document submission processes while reducing costs, errors, submission and turnaround time.



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