DocBoss Brings Peace to Vendor Documentation

DocBoss for Suppliers

Manage your deliverables, and automate submissions

DocBoss for Owner Operators and EPCs

Improve data capture, and reduce vendor workload

Focused specifically on projects with tagged equipment,

DocBoss improves vendor document management

For Suppliers

  • Designed by experience for suppliers of:
    • Instrumentation and Valves
    • Pumps & Compressors
    • Tanks & Vessels
    • Any tagged equipment (HVAC. MCC, VFD etc)
  • DocBoss creates all front sheets, transmittals, indexes and databooks.
  • Track submissions, status, due and return dates.
  • Manage change orders

For Engineering, Owners and Operators

  • Ensure vendors supply required metadata with document upload
    • Tag to Document relationships
    • Doc Codes, Numbers, Revisions etc.
  • Eliminate need for front sheets, transmittals, index reports and databooks.

What our customers say about us…


“In order to manage our customers increasing documentation requirements and expectations, we needed to find a software that would allow us to manage our documentation submittals professionally.  We found that solution in DocBoss.”

Greg Miscik

Project Group Manager
Endress+Hauser, Inc. (USA)

“We were struggling to keep pace with customer documentation requirements; now we’re the ones ahead of the curve.”

Michael Martens

Documentation Coordinator
Benchmark Instrumentation and Analytical Services

“I really enjoy the new dashboard with the new project cards,  They provide quick and helpful information pertaining to the project without having to go into the project.”

Barry Clowater

Documentation Coordinator
Corix Control Solutions

“DocBoss made us go from reactive to proactive Document Management.”

Ron Tonissen

Oil and Gas Team leader

“Doc Boss has provided our company with a more efficient means of organizing and controlling our documentation.”

Lynda Yurchevich-Lynch

Lead Document Control

“Every project is different, and with DocBoss I can confidently ensure we can manage any/all client requests.”

Ashlee Upton

Document Control Power Products
Tundra Process Solutions Ltd.

“DocBoss gives document control an efficient and effective way to operate. It’s simple to use and easy to understand. Tasks can be assigned, and metrics automatically generated.”

Zoe Griffiths

Document Controller (Cell Lead)

“Docboss is a big timesaver for us, and our customers appreciate the consistency and professionalism of our submissions. We are issuing fewer revisions – all in all it’s a very efficient way to work.”

Daphne van Veggel

Teamcoördinator Sales Support
Endress+Hauser B.V (Netherlands)

Check out our recent survey - Why is vendor documentation so painful?

DocBoss asked a bunch of folks (like yourself!) about the problems surrounding vendor documentation.

Find out:

  • Why EPC's are so rigid in their requirements
  • Who agrees with documentation holdbacks
  • How much time does each side invest in document control

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