Manage and monitor multiple document submissions to multiple EPCs

DocBoss originated in 2007 to solve an increasing submission bottleneck for a Canadian manufacturer as the company expanded.  The challenge was as common then as it is today, how to manage and monitor multiple projects, with multiple submissions to multiple EPCs.

Created through necessity, and now using the latest in cloud technology, DocBoss has many years of industry and user experience built in so your business can concentrate on bidding, winning and exceeding the demands of even the most demanding of EPCs.

Explore the key features below and contact us for free trial.  Soon you’ll be wondering how ever managed without it.

Document Index

The Unbearable Lightness of the Document Index

With a little data, we make magic.

  • The list of Equipment
    (from your team)
  • The list of Codes
    (from your customer)
With a single dropdown, DocBoss will create your entire document index.


We Love Your Fussy Customers

Many of your customers give you VERY specific templates for

  • Cover / Front Pages
  • Transmittals
  • Indexes

We know there is just no bargaining with the fussy customer. So – just upload Fussy McCustomer’s templates into DocBoss, and we’ll fill them in perfectly for you.

Tag Lists, Submission history and on and on.

Fussy will never know you took a shortcut, and you can start wondering where we’ve been all of your life.


Here’s Where You Focus

Take your newly liberated cover sheet time, and put it into project management.

Look at all the documents you need! Lets get’em in the system.
Chase your vendors, and expedite your customers.
Let’s get this thing finished already!

Expediting 2

I Wanna Go to the South of France

From time to time – you may be tempted to step out of the office.

With everything in DocBoss, your co-workers can jump in to check status, manage actions, and even make submissions.
All while upholding the high high standards to which your customers have become accustomed.
Even a project manager can do it! (That’s a joke of course).


Rejection Sucks

As documents come and go between you and your customer, you will inevitably suffer some form of rejection.

Use DocBoss to route the rejected document to a co-worker for review/correction, or send it back to your sub-supplier for correction.
The DocBoss workflow engine will make sure the document gets back into your hands, and our reporting module will help you keep track of the people who are getting in the way!


MTR is NOT a Four Letter Word

By making use of another data neighborhood in DocBoss, we will rip another cherished institution from your hands.

In combination with our library, and another bit of data from from your routers, DocBoss will build your MTR packages.
Whether you’re a fabricator building one package per drawing, or a manufacturer building one package per tag, the DocBoss gremlins LOVE MTRs.
We hope you can give them up.


The Grand Finale

  • The Manufacturing Record Book.
  • The Dispatch Dossier.
  • The Mud Book.
  • The O&M Manual.Whatever compilation you need is yours for the taking.
Why leave the final 10% of your project on the table when you can drag, drop and auto-build these books. Complete with all the fixin’s (bookmarks, hyperlinks, tables of

content, section and doc code title pages etc), DocBoss loves to get your money into your hands.

When was the last time you looked so forward to creating a databook?