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One of the biggest challenges that document controllers often relay to us is the sheer frustration involved with the document control process. Maybe it’s the time-consuming nature of providing custom data books/record books at the end of projects.

Perhaps it’s customers increasingly requiring customized submittals using their templates that they give you.

Or maybe it’s simply your inability to restrict who makes changes to your work and by extension your inability to track these changes.

In general terms, it’s usually a lack of structure and defined document control processes that causes you grief.

With technology increasingly available to help you with your document control work, it becomes incumbent upon document controllers to deliver documentation work right the first time. Not only does this reduce holdbacks but it keeps your customers happy so that they don’t visit one of your competitors, perhaps a DocBoss user.

Document controllers in the same organization often do things on their own and everyone has their best way to do it. It’s often Microsoft Excel-based or at a minimum it’s a very manual process. If someone is away on vacation it can be difficult for someone else to help out because of the individual nature of how document control can be handled by each person doing it. Having standardized processes and a structure in place is paramount.

DocBoss adds structure to document control. DocBoss provides standardized processes to follow so that document control is done systematically, making it easier for you to follow another person’s work. It also enables you to look back at prior versions of documents before certain revisions were made so both workflow and routing features are included.

DocBoss helps you answer questions that you may not be able to answer currently with your existing processes:

  • Who in your organization creates new documents and who authorizes them?
  • How are documents maintained and revised?
  • How do you track revisions and ensure you’re working with the most recent version?
  • Who has access to documents and specifically, what level of access do they have?
  • What level of reporting do you provide?
  • How do you handle templates that your customers provide you to work with?
  • How do you tell at any given time where documents are in the process?
  • How can you reduce/eliminate holdbacks at the end of projects?

And we haven’t even gotten to how you create and automate your tag lists which DocBoss does as well.

If you find yourself asking these and other questions related to your document control work, give us a shout and let’s talk.