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When working on a large EPC project, you may require the ability to add custom equipment fields depending on the project size and customer involved.

With DocBoss, you can add an unlimited number of global and project specific equipment fields.

Global Equipment Fields

When you set up global equipment fields they can be used in all your projects. The variables will remain constant, so you can create standardized templates which rely on these values.

To manage global fields: Navigate to Settings (Gear) > Customization > Equipment fields. 


Here you can:


1 – Add as many custom columns as you need by clicking the Add button

2 – Change the name of the existent custom fields (i.e. Product Group in Custom1)

3 – Select to automatically add any custom field to all new project field templates

Project Equipment Fields

Project equipment fields can be modified from: Project Menu – Project Field Templates


Import Global Equipment Fields

If you have created the field in the global area, you can add it to the project by clicking “Import Equipment Field”, and selecting the field to add. Note that this keeps the custom ID the same as all other projects, making it easier to re-use templates across projects (same variable for the data).


Add an Equipment Field directly to the Project (project-only fields).


When adding a project equipment field you will notice that its ID starts at Custom1000. This will help you to difference between Global Equipment Fields and specific Project Equipment Fields.  Remember – project fields will NOT be available for other projects, but MAY be saved back to our project template.

Enable the fields

After adding the fields, you can then decide how to enabled them on the projects. Here is the results after adding the two fields:



  • Enter the name you want to be displayed as your Field (column) Header as the Display Name
  • Check off if you want it Enabled on your project
  • If you want it mandatory to complete this field you can mark it as Required

Where do I enter the values?

Equipment List – is where you can enter/edit the values


How are they linked to my cards?

If you look at the card list – you will see the list of custom values related to the card. It shows the unique values from all linked equipment.


In each case, these fields can be put onto templates using the variables based on their ID’s: i.e. CustomX and CustomX_List

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