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Page Count?

Keeping track of the number of cover pages or information pages in a document can be a tedious and error-prone job. What do you do if your document page tracking count, perhaps in a spreadsheet, does not match with a reviewed document to be returned to the system. Does this sometimes make you wonder if your original record was in error? Maybe you might need to contact the Vendor or Reviewer to get more information and correct the issue. Can you imagine how tedious a job it would be to check every document to ensure the same page count exists for documents returned as were in them when you first issued them?

When DocBoss issues a document, it records the total number of pages in the document as well as the total number of cover pages. If a reviewer returns fewer pages in that same document after reviewing it or receiving it back from a vendor and the total pages is now different from the original perhaps as the result of page editing, addition or deletion, DocBoss will flag this occurrence. DocBoss now alerts the user of this situation so he or she should review the document to ensure it is intact.

A document might undergo several reviews and although it might have had only a single cover page and two pages of information when it was first issued, it might now have several cover pages and more (or fewer) information pages. Reviewers will often return the same number of information pages but consolidate multiple cover pages to a single page.  Using this same example, assume a situation where the original document was 7 pages long and the number of cover pages was set to 5 (“CP” = 5). If the reviewer later returns the document and sets the total cover pages to 1 (“CP” = 1) with the total document pages set to 3, DocBoss will accept the document. The system will log the document as having a single cover page and 2 information pages.