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Cloud computing – the use of remote servers and typically the Internet to store, manage and process data – will continue to grow in scope and availability in 2019.

Many of us are aware of some of the popular business cloud apps that we access regularly such as Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and Slack.

Other popular apps include Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. Each requires the user to login to the application rather than storing the application on your PC, tablet or other device. In each case the provider looks after hosting, storing, managing and securing the data, not you.

DocBoss is a cloud-based app too.

Benefits of cloud-based applications include the fact that there is nothing to download, implement, upgrade and maintain. The third party hosting and providing the app does that for you. produced an overview of cloud computing trends and statistics showing the expected growth of the segment in the near future along with current trends.

In 2017, the public cloud market was estimated to be $130 billion. This is only expected to grow in the future as more businesses and consumers embrace cloud-based technologies in their lives.