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Build Better Databooks With DocBossHappy New Year and welcome to 2017!

To start off the new year, we thought we’d share a short video we created to show you how you can start your year off right and save time doing project documentation work. Specifically, let’s help you produce custom databooks for your customers easier and quicker than ever before.

Plus, we’ll help you reduce and perhaps eliminate holdbacks to ensure you get paid quicker by your customers.

Here is a video that shows you some of the great features and benefits of the DocBoss databooks feature. You can customize your databooks anyway you like to meet your customer requirements.

Do you need separate databooks for a particular customer?

Or a separate databook for every tag?

Or for every shipment?

Maybe you don’t need separate databooks but want one databook with a separate section by tag?

No problem. You can do this and more with DocBoss. Here’s the video: