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Instrumentation and valve suppliers can have many tags on a single order. With each tag having many pieces of documentation, the volume quickly hits “enormous.”

Large orders become difficult to manage and spreadsheets become unwieldy (and hey – no one better touch my spreadsheet!).

How DocBoss helps….

Know what you must submit

At the start of the project, you have your equipment list, and your document requirements. In DocBoss, this is enough to generate the full list of all required documents. With our register auto-generation process, you can have a perfect document requirements list within a few minutes. Of course with customer numbering etc all pre-defined.

Change Orders

Yikes! What happens when the customer adds/removes a bunch of tags? Do you resubmit the manuals with the updated tag list? Of course you have to update your document requirements list with the newly required documents, and mark the now defunct documents as obsolete. DocBoss grew up in this industry, so we do all of this for you. We do make you answer some questions (resubmit with new tag list, submit copy with only the new tags , ignore it..), but with that direction, we update everything for you.

Cover page hell

With so many pieces of documentation, you spend a lot of time creating cover pages. Errors are common, and frustrating for both you and your customer. Let DocBoss make sure the right tags on are every coversheet.

Make tracking easy

Keeping your submittal tracking spreadsheet up to date is a lot of work. Put that all behind you. When you use DocBoss to make your submissions, all of the recording is done automatically. You can just report on it of course,  still using your customer’s templates. Try us! You’ll be surprised.

Too much work to worry about dates!

There is just too much to do to keep on top of submissions, to even think about stressing about due dates for documents. Wouldn’t it be nice to expedite missing documents? Or at least send a list of required documents with your PO? How many times, at the end of a job, have you submitted a databook knowing there are a few missing docs, but hoping your customer doesn’t notice? Let us help you focus on what matters. Eliminate a bunch of clerical work, and then you can start doing what matters: fulfilling all of the submission requirements.

Submit manufactured drawings 3 times?

Customers often have processes which require they receive documents for approval, for construction and as built. For manufactured equipment, nothing changes. But you still have to change the cover sheet and resubmit. With DocBoss this is built into our system. Receive the docs, and they immediately get queued for resubmittal. Just click a button and your turnaround is done.

Make Money on Documentation

So… quick and easy databooks will help you recover holdbacks, but what about getting you paid for all of this extra effort. DocBoss has a quote module you can use to generate pricing proposals for document management. Hey, if the customer wants the documents in the box, that could be free, but with all this extra work, you should be able to charge for the service. DocBoss has a very clear and repeatable way to prepare an appendix for your equipment proposals, detailing exactly the fees for document control. Many of our customers have been able to recover the costs for this extra work, because customers understand and trust the documentation fees they are quoted.


Often, project managers are doing the document control work and it pulls them away from other tasks. The final 10% seems to linger, while you try to stay on top of the work you are paid for such as new quotes, processing change orders, inspections etc. The DocBoss databook generator allows you to customize databooks the way you need to, then have them compiled automatically.

Additionally while a book per tag is not normally required, often a databook per shipment, or per plant are required. DocBoss allows you to create these with a few tweaks to configuration. It takes an extra 5 minutes to create 5 books for different shipments (or plants, or types) as it does to create one book. Of course, if your customer demands a book per tag, just pick “tag” from the drop down, and voila!

Test us out! I bet you can’t come up with a databook format requirement that our tool can’t handle. So now, databooks are fun! (not the 2-day slugfest to which you have become accustomed).

Many, many documents. Speed this up.

When you are dealing with more than 50 documents at a time it’s important to be able to quickly receive documents. DocBoss allows you many ways to assign your documents into the correct registers.