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DocBoss Project Setup: A Quick List of StepsIf you’re setting up a new DocBoss project, there are several steps to follow and we’re happy to outline them below so you can see how easy it is to do.

Following these steps will take you from creating a new customer to setting up all project fields, equipment list and card list. 

Below, we’ll discuss the project setup beginning with creating a new customer in DocBoss.

Set Up Customer with Codes and Statuses (Gear > Lists > Companies)


Add Customer to DocBoss  (includes all steps from creating a New Company to adding a Status List)



Adding a New Company

Document Code Lists And Layouts

Status Lists


Create Project (Logo > Add Project)


Starting a New Project Video (including all relevant settings)


Initiate a Project

Definitions of the Project Setup

Definitions of the Default Users and Lists section

Document Auto-Numbering Format

Document Revision Settings

Output Settings

Doc File Name Format

Header and Footer Format


Add Equipment (Project Menu > Equipment > Equipment List)


Add Equipment

Edit Equipment List & Review Changes Impact

Major Tags

Add Custom Equipment Fields


Add Doc Codes (Project Menu > Cards > Code List (Requirements))


Add Doc Codes to a project

Configure Code List (Requirements)


For more details about settings from Code List grid check out the following articles and videos:

• Levels

Video: Auto-Creation of Document Registers & Using Custom Levels to Create Procedure Registers

Article: How to set a Level & Custom Levels


• Stage List

Video: Working with Stages

Article: Stage & Stage Lists



• Query

Video: Trimming Auto-Created Registers

Article: Marking cards as required / not required



After starting the project, here’s how to send and receive documents from the customer:

Send files out of DocBoss

Video: Upload Documents to DocBoss


Upload documents

Assigning files to document cards

Sending documents (outgoing submittals)


Bring files into DocBoss

Article: Processing Returned Files from Customer

To understand better how to manage returned files check out the Workflow Video and Outstanding Actions.