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When inadequate document control system leads to losses, excessive document control leads to inefficiency, what should you do?

Knowledge Hub Asia is a Malaysia-based training company that offers courses in document control and many other functions such as HR, finance, secretarial and safety. They asked the above-mentioned question to promote their upcoming 2-day document control course in July that is structured as follows:

  • To understand the proper interpretation of Document Control System suitable to your Quality, Environmental or Occupational Safety & Health Management System
  • To be able to develop an Effective and Efficient Document Control System to the company‚Äôs size, culture, complexity and needs.
  • Be able to classify files to meet company objectives.
  • Maintain proper files control to keep track of files
  • Recommend and advice the company on proper filing equipment
  • Formulate filing policies on retention and file transfer.

View Knowledge Hub Asia’s upcoming training schedule to learn more about what their training options.