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We came across an interesting article entitled The 8 Biggest Document Management Trends for 2019 that discusses many trends applicable to those who work in document control. It’s interesting to have a look at the expected trends with 2019 coming to an end and see if the same is in store for 2020.

The article tends to reiterate many common trends that seem to not only be in vogue but are possibly here to stay ie. cloud computing, mobile development, collaboration, workflow management, etc.

One interesting trend also discussed is how client portals are increasing in popularity and are often being requested by customers. Specifically, here’s a quote from the article:

Documentation can be shared between project managers and customers through client portals. Client portals can easily be set up through a company intranet that contains a document management system, among many other tools.

With older, non-document control specific apps like Microsoft Excel, sharing, collaborating and tracking is difficult because there is little to no accountability, no logging in to track users etc. Basically, all the features available on an app like DocBoss that helps you collaborate properly, doesn’t exist.

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