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“Make software that makes experts.”

We came across this statement during the Business of Software conference several years ago from presenter Kathy Sierra. It’s one that we continued to think about as we designed DocBoss.

Does your chosen document control method – whether the work is done manually or with software – make your staff better at what they do?

For DocBoss, our users come from two camps. The first are the document controllers – whether they have a team they are trying to develop, or if they are just trying to scale the amount of work they can do (without making mistakes). Second are the project engineers – people who are not specifically focused (or enjoy) document control, but have to do it as part of their project execution.

Whether you handle document control as a defined function or whether if has just become part of your job, DocBoss can help you do it better. So DocBoss can help the document controller become an expert document controller and it can also help the non-experts improve as well.