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Compilations are a collection of documents combined into a single PDF output. Generally referred to as databooks, manufacturing record books, dossiers etc. They generally require bookmarks, hyperlinks, tables of contents, sections and more. They can very manual and time-consuming but not with DocBoss.

To Get Here:

  1. In your project – Click Main Project Drop Down
  2. Click Index Reports & Compilations
  3. Click the ADD in the top right of Compilations grid
  4. Name your Compilation
  5. Save

Quick & Easy

  • Step 1 Name your compilation (as mentioned above)
  • Step 2 Scroll to bottom of page, Select the Doc Codes that are to be included in the compilation, click Add Selected
  • Step 3 Add some sections, click the Sections button (on right just above your selected doc codes)
  • Step 4 Drag the codes into applicable sections, sequence accordingly
  • Step 5 Make any additional formatting changes, click save (you can also save as a layout for future use)
  • Step 6 Click Generate Compilation and Download Compilation once generation is complete

For more about how compilations are created have a look at our video: Create Compilations in DocBoss. 

NOTE: When generating the Compilation or TOC, if this template contains information related to the Card as Document number, Revision and Title, these will be added to the TOC only if the Compilation has been attached to a Doc Code.

If the Compilation is not yet attached to any Doc Code the file will be generated with the layout and the sections that have been selected, but will not contain the information related to the Card.

Want More Detail?

For Compilation Details and Structure Options see the article here.

For detailed information about Table of Contents and Bookmark section options see our article here.  

For detailed instructions on how to attach the Compilation and Table of Contents to a code see our article here.

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