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February 2023 Release NotificationDocBoss is happy to announce our latest release for February 2023. All updates are now available for all DocBoss customers.

You can view all current and past releases by visiting our DocBoss release database. All releases come with descriptions and screenshots to show you how to take advantage of the new benefits.

Here are the highlights for the latest release.

User Interface

Update grid on the card list

The grid has been replaced on the card list. This includes the ability to pin columns, navigate the grid with arrow keys and many more functions. For more detail about our new grids, see here.

Working with Cards

Routing Scenario

Users now have an option to apply default routings to specific doc codes or cards. These settings can be further customized by stage, where the document is being returned from (customer, sub-supplier, internal), and more.

For more information, see here.

More edit options for merged cards

When users merge cards, it is now easier to modify the resulting cards.

For details, see here.

Auto-renumber cards when setting a query

When setting a query for a doc code, if document auto-numbering has been applied, DocBoss will automatically run auto-numbering on all non-locked cards with that code. This can minimize gaps in sequence numbering.

Filter card history to show active send/return pairs

Users can now filter the grid on the Card History screen to show only Active SEND record and Active RETURN record entries.


Working with Units

Unit upload can include sub-units as additional columns

Users working with equipment that has multiple components can now enter related units in one row in the unit upload file. This saves time for users who receive their data in this format.

For more information, see here.

Display and allow users to update units via Unit_ID

Instead of using line number as the key identifier for a line, users can choose to use an internal ID value for unit modifications. This solves a problem when bulk uploads need to be made to line numbers (which generally are the key identifier for the line).



Removing doc code title pages bulk option

Instead of manually deactivating each doc code title page in the compilation structure, users now have an option to remove all doc code title pages by setting the Doc Code Title Page to No Template.


Incoming Documents

Move Sub-Supplier file(s) to a different project

If using the supplier portal, there are times when a supplier may accidentally upload a file to the incorrect project. These files can now be moved to a different project by internal company users so that there is no need to ask the supplier to re-upload them.


Do not show “downloaded by target” icon for submittal if email was not sent with hyperlink

If a submittal email notification does not include a hyperlink, the Downloaded by Target icon is no longer shown in the Submittals grid.


Add Line No. (Customer) into File Name Format

Users may now add the customer line number (list) into the outgoing file name format (configured under project Main settings > Formats > Outgoing File Name Format).



Default option for exceptional handling (VDI-2770)

This is useful projects which must adhere to VDI-2770 regulations. To enable, navigate to the Project Template screen from the project menu and change the Exceptional handling default to On.



Added selection of affiliates to Add User page

If affiliate companies are enabled, the option to assign which affiliates the user has access to is now available to select when first creating a new user’s profile on the Add User screen. (This option is also available when updating existing users.)


Changing role on edit user – rules to assign affiliates

When upgrading a user role to full, affiliate permissions will be removed, and must be added back. Note that an admin user can only add affiliates to which they also have access. Admin users with the security permission have full access to add all affiliates.

On downgrade (from full to review/view), affiliates are not affected.

Security settings

If a user has the Security permission enabled under their profile, they are now able to enable the Security permission for other users (from the System Access section of the user’s profile).



Upload files to project

The API now supports uploading files to the incoming documents area of a project.


Library ID search field

A new search field, Library ID, is available when attaching published documents in the Card List.


For more information on attaching published documents to cards, see here.

Template variables

UnitType parameter for All Units

If a project has additional unit types enabled, by default, the <AllUnits> array generates a list of all tagged equipment units and all additional equipment unit types. The UnitType parameter allows users to limit the array’s output to units of a specific type (for example, to only show tagged equipment or to only show equipment from an additional unit type list).

DocCodeType variable now available for SDI reports

A new variable, <DocumentsByIndex.DocCodeType> is available for use in SDI reports (document index). This allows users to include the value found in the Type column (compilation, published, generated – sub-supplier, etc.) in the document index array.

Small updates

  • When a user changes a doc code’s Type to Compilation, DocBoss will now reset the manual uploaded option to “No” for all cards belonging to that code.

If you’d like to review all recent DocBoss updates dating back several years, please click here to visit our online database.