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Filtering the Card List and Multi-Project Card ReportDocBoss has many reporting features you can take advantage of and customize as you need. You can use these tools to better monitor and account for your document control work.

Case in point: filtering the card list and multi-project card report.

Filtering on the card list and multi-project card report is available on all columns with a filter icon.

These are typically custom columns (but not always), as most other fields are filterable/searchable using the drop down selections or keyword functions located above the grid.


To filter the card list, first click the drop down arrow on the column you want to filter.


Next, mouse down to filters and enter the value you wish to filter.Snag_a66b978.png

Lastly, click Search above the grid and DocBoss will filter the information accordingly, displaying only cards that match your filter criteria.

Note: your filter selection will appear near the top of the screen.


Saving filter for future use and use on other projects – Create Filter Set

Previously, when grid filters were created, they only available on the source project. Now users can create filters which are available across all projects. Once you have created your filter, you have the option to save the filter for future use and for use on other projects. You can also make this shareable with other users.

To create/save the filter you have chosen:


1) Create your filter options and search

2) click “+ Create Filter Set”

3) Name the Filter Set

4) If you want to make this filter set available for other users click to enable “Public Filter Set”

5) If you want to make this filter set available on all projects click to enable “Display on all projects

6) Save

Once the Filter set has been created you will then see “Update Filter Set”, “Edit Filter Set”, and “Delete Filter Set”


Update Filter Set – make the changes to your filters then click Update Filter Set. Note: if this is a Public Filter Set, it will change it for everyone. Alternatively, you can create another Filter Set if you want to keep the existing set as-is.

Edit Filter Set – here you can rename or change the Public and Display options

Delete Filter Set – Deletes the set. You will get a warning if the setting is Public.