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Tracking all of the material used on a pump (or any piece of steel equipment) is a large task, and one which must be completed with diligence.

DocBoss can help.

There are two key tasks you currently undertake

  1. Uniquely storing the certificates
  2. Tracking the material used for each component

With those two pieces of data, DocBoss can automate the creation of your material packages. The DocBoss compilation tool can create separate material packages per serial number, tag, pump set, drawing etc. Packages are built with a full table of contents (containing cross-references between heat numbers/certificates and the equipment), bookmarks, hyperlinks, and more. Everything you need to satisfy the most demanding customer – internal and external! All with the click of a button.

Of course you have to give us your cross reference data (which might be trapped on your routers), but that’s a process you’re doing anyway to create the packages as is.

And if you already have it digitally? Wow. Imagine not having to create material packages anymore…