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If you are getting date format errors when uploading CSV or Excel files into DocBoss it is likely caused by Excel’s regional settings. Opening a CSV in excel automatically converts any dates using Excel’s expected format. If customers have a required format, and your Excel regional setting is different, Excel will apply its settings when you open the CSV file.

How can you fix date errors while uploading CSV files in DocBoss? You have several methods to choose from.

Option 1 is to change your Excel regional settings based on the project data settings. For detailed information on how to update your Excel regional settings, see our article here. In a default situation (no requirement from customer), you should have your export setting match your Excel regional settings so excel doesn’t misinterpret the dates.

Option 2 is to change the date format in your DocBoss Project to match your excel regional settings. See below for instructions on how to edit your date settings in your DocBoss project. 

In the Main screen of your project, change the date format to match the Excel setting. Click to save project and re-upload your file.  


Another issue you might experience is related to an upload error for files. Check out our article called “File Is Empty” Upload Error – What To Do to learn more!

We’ve also written an updated post called Correcting Date Errors While Uploading CSV Files (Updated) that sheds more light on the subject.