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As a Document Control Lead for an Engineering company, I was often tasked with assisting in the estimating of Document Control costs for my group. It was a huge challenge trying to predict how much time and effort would be required. A lot of our job was reactionary at that time.

How would we know how many documents to expect or how long it would take to process them?

It basically came down to a very rough guesstimate of what had been done into the past, with not as much basis on the facts of each project (size and duration of a project).

When it comes to our customers (supplier), we believe you should be billing for your services.

It can be equally hard to determine how much to bill without just guessing. To help, we have integrated a tool into DocBoss to help put some structure around your service fees. The structure helps as projects change, and your initial quote for services needs to be scalable in case the scope of the project changes.

In the Quotes module, we take all the pieces of information you input when adding a project, like how many cards you will have, how many actual pages you will have to print, how large the data book is expected to be, any sub-supplier fees for documentation, among many other options, and puts a tangible dollar amount to each. This gives you the ability to provide actual dollar to task amounts, which will make every penny billed for documentation justifiable!

To learn more about the Quotes module, please take a look at our video on Creating Quotes with DocBoss: