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In our experience, companies have differing views on documentation depending on their customers’ requirements and how much documentation they are required to provide at the end of projects.

Our document control survey showed that EPCs don’t choose suppliers based on document management skills. It would seem that although document control is an important factor in the execution of a successful project, a supplier is rarely evaluated on this skill during the selection process.

In fact, only 21% of EPC respondents listed supplier document management skills as a criterion when evaluating potential suppliers.

Although high quality document control is a basic expectation of EPCs, very little time is spent during supplier selection and project kickoff to set up the project’s document control scope for success. This leads to more time spent during the course of the project managing documents, costing additional time and money on both sides.

Only one in four suppliers reported that most of their documents are approved upon first submission. The same proportion felt that their document submissions are never approved the first time. Obviously some EPCs are very good at giving clear document requirements, and some give very poor, unclear, or unrealistic ones.