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How To Enable DocBoss Support Access To Your AccountDid you know that DocBoss support staff can help you directly with issues related to your account?

While we have an entire support website that answers frequently asked questions and provides videos and articles related to current and new functionality that might interest you, we can also assist you with specific questions and concerns you have.

Users must grant permission for DocBoss Support to access their account. Access permission is granted for up to 24 hrs. You can grant support access by clicking “Allow support to access your account”. You can also revoke access at any time.



On the next screen toggle to “ON”. Snag_5a58095.png



If you do not see this link, it is because the Admin user has the security setting set to only allow the admin user the ability to allow support access. To change this, the admin user should navigate to Security Settings then change the “Other users can turn on access for support users”.