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How To Initiate a Project In DocBossWhat is a project? A project is the container object in DocBoss.

It defines the information required to manage your documentation. Many fields are populated with data that is required to be displayed on cover pages, index submissions, transmittal’s and/or databooks.

It typically reflects the purchase order detail from your customer.

Step 1 Click the Add icon in the top right-hand corner of the grid.



From the Main System Drop down click Add new Project


Step 2 Select the Project Field Template

  • Note – The Project Field Template allows you to select your project layout. If no templates have previously been saved, just select default project fields template.


Project Field templates are reusable templates that allow you to start a project in DocBoss knowing that you will be adding all specific data required for that project. If you don’t have a layout already saved, no problem, you can still add the custom columns at any time throughout a project.

Click here for more info on Project Field Templates

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