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Let’s take a look at the stage list and how DocBoss handles it, particularly related to making it available for current and future projects.

In order to bring a stage list into any project and have it available for any future projects, it must be created at the Admin level. 


If you create a stage list in the admin area AFTER you created your project, you can “import it” into your existing projects. 


Stage lists do copy from project to project only if you use the “Copy Project” function in the Main screen. 2022-01-06_09-16-32__1_.png

Customization with DocBoss

DocBoss enables you to customize virtually anything with regards to your project documentation to meet your customer’s requirements.

Click here to view a list of recent additions to DocBoss showing various aspects of customization that you can take advantage of related to header and footer format, cards, output settings, document revision settings and more.