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Is Email Good Enough For Submittals?If you use email to send submittals to customers, you’re not alone. Our research shows that 90% of process equipment suppliers (manufacturers, fabricators, reps, distributors) use email to send and track submittals as the graphic below shows.

Having said that, as the graphic also shows, only 49% of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) organizations stated that this was their preference.


So the vast majority of EPCs would prefer to receive submittals in a method other than the way most suppliers currently deliver them.

Perhaps they’d prefer submittals sent directly to an EPC-supplied portal. In fact, 68% of EPCs told us they’d be willing to log into a vendor system to receive submissions making it more popular than email.

Maybe some still want a hard copy in paper. Or a combination of the above.

At any rate, DocBoss enables you to email customers and submit documentation to a portal and provide a hard copy in paper if necessary, so we’ve got you covered in all three instances.

Plus, unlike email which is a one-way street as far as communication is concerned – you send the email but have no idea if if was received or even opened – DocBoss tracks all submittals and provides a paper trail so you can check on all submittals and ensure they were received and opened.

Specifically, with DocBoss you send email notifications directly to your customers. Customers click on a link, and download the documents you sent them. DocBoss keeps track of who downloaded them and when. We also alert you if documents have not been downloaded within a timeline you define so the link will expire at a date specified by you.

Check out this post that discusses each phase of document control with DocBoss in more detail.