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Several weeks ago we wrote about document control training options that you might be interested in. Since then we’ve come across another option for you to consider.

Lonadek is a multi-award winning firm that has maintained its ISO 9001:2008 certification since 2010 and has operations in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Their head office is in the UK and they have a secondary office in Nigeria.

Lonadek has trained over 500 document controllers in the following sectors: Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Aviation, Processed Manufacturing, Power, Marine & Maritime, Engineering Procurement & Construction and Government. Their Document Controls & Management Training program is certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) in the United Kingdom. This program is aimed at project engineers, lead engineers, design engineers and document controllers.

From Lonadek’s website:

Research has shown that an average of thirty percent (30%) of productive hours is spent in locating existing information needed for quick decision making and planning. With a document control system in place, less than three percent (3%) is utilized when the need arises to source for critical business data and document. Total redundancy, waste of man-hours and sub-optimal usage of network and storage devices are completely eradicated when organizations completely adopt standard Document Controls and Management system in line with global best practices and procedures.

Think about how much time you spend locating, accessing, revising and managing your documentation and ask yourself how much time you could save by doing your work more effectively.

Lonadek’s 5-day Document Control and Management Training Program is designed to empower participants to:

-Setup and maintain a state-of-the-art Document Control Centre (DCC).
-Operate modern document storage, retrieval and archiving systems.
-Establish an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) with company specific procedures.
-Effectively control and manage company documents and records.

Their course curriculum aims to provide practical skills and tools that can be applied on-the-job immediately after the training.

Click here to learn more about Lonadek’s Document Controls & Management Training program and look under the Non-Technical training section to find upcoming dates.