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We’re pleased to announce our September 2018 release notification with new functionality available to all DocBoss customers. Highlights of the release include the following:

Manual Cards for Tagged Equipment

You can now add Manual cards (link to either major tags or tagged equipment). Manual cards allow users to add (or upload) cards, while manually selecting the appropriate document codes and tags. This function has existed strictly for use with the Major Tags module, but now  users can create manual cards using the units from the tagged equipment list.

Edit tag list on auto-generated cards

If you find yourself in a position of needing to edit the tag list of an Auto-Generated cards, you can now convert the card into a manual card and make the required edits. All data will be transferred to the manual card including all history, files, numbers, title, etc. The original auto-generated card will continue to exist but it will fade into the background (it will be marked as not required).

Working with Cards

We have built an entirely new interface to allow users to see and change the stage data while assigning a card.Users no longer have to create the stage list prior to editing, and they can edit directly on the card while assigning.

Upload file to Comments area

We have seen more requests from customers to send comment files along with the PDF documents. We now allow users to upload files into the comments area of the assign screen. The file will be included with the next submittal, and are available historically from the comments interface.

Combine screens for the Equipment List and Major Tags

We have brought all equipment related data together into one screen.


You can now test cover pages from the history screen of any document. There is a small text link in the upper right corner. When you click, you can chose the template and create a coversheet with the cards data. This allows you to test with various cards. i.e. many tags, long doc numbers etc.

Working with Cards

There are some occasions when an old document must be uploaded to the system, but the card has become obsolete. We now allow users to upload documents to obsolete cards.

You can now also set the supplier for any given card. There are times when a card is linked to units from more than one supplier. You may now choose a sub-supplier overwrite value which will be used in reports.

Project Setup

Users can now choose to name outgoing files with a different pattern depending on the submittal target. For example, you can use the sub-supplier doc number in the file name when sending to sub-suppliers, while using the customer doc number when sending to customers.

Other items in this release

  • Allow users to permanently remove project field templates from the admin list.
  • Filter Dashboard by Project type (Order, Quote or Both)
  • Users may now fully delete manual cards (with no history) vs mark as not required.

Read the full release in detail and with screenshots of the new functions by clicking here.

You can also view the most recent release by clicking here to visit our Release page.