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We’ve wri Sorting Options in Compilations in DocBoss (Options)tten numerous articles on this site regarding how Cards are treated inside DocBoss. Cards are essentially placeholders for real documents, if you will.

As such, they are an important aspect of DocBoss and one that you customize as needed. Case in point, sorting cards in your final submittal to your EPC customers at the end of projects.

The default sorting of the Cards in a Compilation is set by the value selected on TOC/Bookmark pattern for cards field. 



If the selected pattern is “Reference”, the Cards inside the Compilation will be sorted by the Card Reference value.

*Note that a Card Reference is set by the Level that was selected on the Code (ie. if Level is Tag (TE) then the Reference for each Card will be the Tag Number).

New Feature! The ability to use IF Statements is now available in the Bookmark Patterns. If a card is manually created, the reference will likely not be tag numbers. In order to have all bookmarks display tags, use the following formula:

IF(“<CardType>”=”Manual”, “<TagList>”, “<Reference>”)

This tells DocBoss if the card is Manually generated, use the “Tag List” for display. If the card is Auto-generated, use the “Reference” for display.



Default pattern sorting can be changed in Compilation Structure Options if a different field is selected for sorting.



This allows you to show the pattern selected on “TOC/Bookmark pattern for cards field” but to sort the Cards by another field.

i.e If we use the previous example with Reference pattern and Tag Level on codes, but we select “Doc No. (Customer)” field as the new sorting value, the Cards will be sorted by the Customer document number and not by Tag – even if the Customer Doc. No is not included in the pattern for cards field and won’t appear in the TOC.



If the Customer Doc Number is included in the “TOC/Bookmark pattern for cards”, the data on the TOC will also include the Customer Doc Number.