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Template Updates To DocBoss For You To UseDocBoss has made a number of updates to template functionality over the past few years. In case you aren’t aware, here are some recent updates regarding templates that you can use to your advantage to save time and effort on all projects.

Project Templates

The Project Template screen (both at project level and admin level) has been redesigned to feature different tabs for each group of settings.




Additional filtering options and columns in Output Templates screen

The Admin > Output Templates grid for PDF/CSV/XLS templates now has filtering options and additional columns.

  • Filter by template type by selecting the dropdown menu in the Type column and checking off the desired template types
  • Above the grid, select a customer name to view all templates which are being used on open projects with that company selected as customer.
  • Enter the name or description of a template in the keyword search field above the grid.
  • In the No. of Open Project column, click on the displayed number to open another page with a list of open projects that template is assigned on.

Assign default output templates to project templates

From the Admin project templates area, users are now able to select default output templates (XLS/PDF and email templates).