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When you change the equipment list, DocBoss automatically updates the equipment linked to existing, autogenerated cards. If the card is in progress, DocBoss will ask you how to proceed.

Navigate to Card to Unit Changes

Project Hub > Cards: Card to Unit Changes


The grid will display all cards that have been affected by the Equipment List Change. Your options to proceed are as follows. 

  • mceclip0.png Update EqList; Keep Current Status
  • mceclip1.pngUpdate EqList; Set to X
  • mceclip2.png Split Cards

Note, not all options are applicable to every card. You will notice the Tools column will display the available options. 

1. Update EqList; Keep Current Status

This allows you to simply acknowledge the change in the Equipment List. No changes will be made to the status of the card but the Eq List will be updated and the next time you submit that card the new list will be displayed. 

2. Update EqList; Set to X

This allows you to reset the status of the card to X for submission to the customer. Regardless of the current status, it pushes it back to the holding pen for submission with the updated Eq List

3. Split Cards

This allows you to create a duplicate card (sheet) with the different tag list. No changes will be made to the original card (the status or the tag list). The new card will only contain the Eq List of additions made to the Equipment List. The only time this option is available is if there is an additional item added to the Equipment List and it would add an item to an already existing Eq List assigned to a card.