Using a Compilation Cover Page instead of Submittal Cover PageCan you use a Compilation Cover Page instead of Submittal Cover Page for Packages and Compilations?

Users have the option to apply a Compilation Cover Page to compilations and packages. This is in addition to Submittal Cover Page.

The compilation cover page is generally a title page for the compilation.

But you can use exactly the same variables, so it can be valuable to use your Submittal Cover Page as the Compilation Cover Page.


It all comes down to page numbering.


Page numbering

When DocBoss applies submittal cover pages to outgoing Compilations, we use a specific page numbering convention for submittal cover sheets. They are assigned page 0. Specifically 0.1, 0.2 etc for multi sheet cover pages.


When a compilation is generated, the data inside the compilation does not know if a submittal cover page will be applied (and/or how many pages it might be). The page numbers assigned in the table of contents (and page numbers in header/footer) are based solely on the compilation.

If we assigned normal page numbering to the submittal cover pages, the TOC page numbers would not be accurate.

For example, if a document was on page 5 when generated the compilation, it would be on page 6 after the submittal cover page were added. But the TOC is not updated.

When using the Compilation Cover Page instead of Submittal Cover Pages, all page numbering will reflect the actual position in the document.

Cover pages will have real page numbers

Variables will display real page numbers vs the artificial page numbers used to manage submittal cover pages. (e.g 1,2,3 vs 0.1, 0.2, 0.3.)

Header/Footer page numbers will also reflect actual position in the document.



Table of Contents numbering will reflect actual position in the resulting PDF.




See the entire compilation (including cover pages) upon generation.

Instead of needing to create a submittal to see the complete document, you can see the full document with cover pages already applied when you finish a generation.

NOTE: YOU MUST link the compilation to a Doc Code in order to see card specific details (doc numbers etc). For help with that step, check out this article.

Selecting a Compilation Cover Page Template

First upload the template as Compilation Cover Page in the Output Templates

Then, select the template in the compilation settings.


Setting Compilation Cover Page numbering

Including page numbering for the Compilation Cover Page is set as option because if it’s used as an actual Compilation Cover Page, usually customers doesn’t want it to be numbered.

But in this case, where it’s used as a regular Cover Page, you need to enable it in order to set pages numbers correctly.


Final Step – remove submittal cover page from code

And as final setting, in order to avoid adding the Project cover page to the compilation > Navigate to the Code List > Select “No Stamp and No Cover Page” under the Cover Page / Stamps column.



Small variables note:

Note that most variables used in both templates are the same, and the only variable that should be changed (if applicable) is the page numbering variable:

<Document_Pages> Is used in the Cover Pages

<TotalPages> Is used in Binder Cover Pages