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A new variable has been added to the system but is not presented as a button on the pattern variable list. <CardType> with values “manual” / “auto” can be used in your patterns, it just needs to be manually typed in. 

Using IF statements for Document Auto-Numbering Format

If you have document numbers that differ depending on whether the document is a drawing versus if it is a document adding an IF statement teaches DocBoss how to build each number.


If Drawing: 4530KR-ISO-0001-001

If Document: 4530KR-GEN-0001

  • Enable a custom doc code/card field (custfield1 in example below) for “Is Drawing” as text
  • Create the following IF statement in the Doc No. Convention


This tells DocBoss that if “Is Drawing” is “Yes” to add the sheet number, otherwise, leave the sheet number off the document number.

Using IF statements for Outgoing File Name formatting

Like auto-numbering, a similar IF statement can be applied to Outgoing File Name formats.

If your documents need to have the Title added to the outgoing file name but drawings do not, the following IF statement can be used in the File Name Format



If Drawing: 4530KR-ISO-0001-001_Rev0.pdf

If Document: 4530KR-GEN-0001_Rev0_General Document.pdf

IF statements are also useful for other situations, such as if there is no supplier document number, include the customer’s document number.


Or, if there is no internal doc code, use customer doc code.

IF(“<DocCodeInternal>”=”empty”, “<DocCode>”,”<DocCodeInternal>”)

Using IF Statements for Compilation Patterns

IF statements can be used in the following compilation patterns:

Bookmark pattern for cover page entry

Bookmark pattern for TOC entry

TOC/Bookmark pattern for cards


IF(“<CardType>”=”manual”,”Manual Card card <Reference>”,”Auto Card <Reference>”)

If the card type is manual, display text Manual Card with reference variable, if not, display Auto Card with reference variable

Some examples are below:Snag_327226f3.pngResult:2021-08-18_17-21-36.png

Another example: If card type is manual, display “Manual Card” as text and list tags, if auto-generated card, display “Auto Card” as text with reference value.