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What Does Locking Cards Do in DocBoss?A document card in DocBoss represents a specific document that is part of a project. A card is essentially a placeholder for the actual document and contains essential information about the document, such as its title, document number, revision status, due date, and other metadata.

When you lock a card, what happens?

Once a card is locked, DocBoss starts tracking the State and in addition, it stops that card from being auto-renumbered.

Is a Card Locked?

There is a column on the Card List that displays if a card is Locked


How do Cards get locked?

Transmitting a Card

If you submit a card it automatically becomes locked. DocBoss starts tracking the state of this card and if Bulk Re-Numbering is reset on the project this card will not be included. The numbering will remain as assigned.

Transmitting an SDI Report

Submitting the SDI Report through DocBoss will lock all cards on a project. This assumes, that the customer is expecting all cards as listed and therefore DocBoss starts to track the state of each card.

If for example, there is something you have listed then it becomes N/A, (even though you have never submitted it) having the card locked will allow you to still display that entry in the SDI Report.

Manually Locking Cards 

If you have a new project and you want to lock the cards without submitting an SDI Report you can do so manually.

Project List Drop Down > Lock All Cards


This same process would allow you to un-lock those cards. (Click the Project List Drop Down) You will see “Unlock Cards” BUT you can only un-lock cards that have been manually locked, that have not been issued on a submittal nor have been included as an entry on an SDI Report that has been submitted through DocBoss.

If there are no cards that are available to un-lock you will see “All Cards Locked”