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As a document contoller do you ever wonder what the file you just updated looks like? Well, no more guessing. “Incoming Documents” has a viewer that will show you a preview of the file you selected.

Enabling the viewer is super easy, the viewer “Switch”  is located right beside the Files Staging area title.

Once it is enabled it will show you two options, thumbnail (default) and large viewer.

And if you need to take a closer look turn on the large viewer that will allow you to zoom in and check any detail you need.

Also after a document has been assigned to a card, the card info slides in and give you the option to activate the viewer, so you can confidently fill in all the required information.

In this case, the viewer switch is located under the document name.  It will show two options, view file (default) and compare.

You can also compare the newest version against an older one, and get a better idea of how the document has evolved over time.

But that is not all: You can also rotate the page and add stamps.