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Why Do I Get An Error Message When Uploading A Document?Sometimes users may receive an “upload error” message when trying to upload a file to DocBoss.

Common issues and resolutions are listed below.

Common issues

File type

DocBoss maintains a list of acceptable file types for upload. For the complete list, see here.

If users wish to upload a file type that is not on this list, they can contact DocBoss Support for assistance.

File compression

Users are not able to upload files to DocBoss from inside of compressed (zipped) folders.

If the required documents are inside a compressed folder, the user has two options:

1) Extract the required file(s), OR

2) If all documents in the folder are required (for example, if the customer sends back documents and their transmittal file in a zipped folder) then the entire zip folder can be uploaded to DocBoss, where it will be automatically unpacked.

File location

If the file receiving the upload error is an email attachment or is being accessed remotely, try saving a copy of it locally (users can copy the file to their desktop, for example) and uploading that version to DocBoss.

Upload error messages

To view upload error messages, click on the number that appears after the red “Upload Errors” text. A popup will appear with a description of the error.