Working With Distribution lists in DocBossA distribution list defines the recipients of a transmittal. The list of names is typically included into the transmittal summary (depending on your transmittal template).


Add/apply distribution list on project

Distribution lists are typically created during the transmittal process. After you have started your transmittal and you are in the process of entering applicable information, there is a link “Select distribution list”. If you click on this link a pop-up will appear.

The left side of the pop-up is previously created distributions lists and the right hand is where you will enter information to create a new list.

Selecting a previously defined list

  1. Select it and in the right will populate with the list that has been created.
  2. Select “Save and Apply” at the bottom of the window, this will now be the distribution list for your email.

Creating a new list

  1. Click the add symbol in the distribution list grid
  2. Enter a name for the new list (this is the name that will appear in the future under the Distribution Lists grid)
  3. Select the contact names you want to include in the distribution list.
    • the top are easy add and have been populated based on the user selections you have set for your project
    • the drop down allows you to select any contact that is set up in DocBoss (remember to include contact’s role)
    • you can also add a new user by clicking the add icon to the right of the Select Recipient drop down.
  4. Once you have selected your recipients, click save in the bottom of the grid. Note this is ONLY saving your new distribution list.
  5. Select “Save and Apply” at the bottom of the window, this will now be the distribution list for your email.

Image_1.jpg Please note that you add or update the contacts on your distribution list at any time.

Add/edit global distribution lists

Admin users can create distribution lists under Admin > Distribution Lists. These lists will be automatically available for selection on all new projects, and can be imported into existing projects if required.


On the Distribution Lists screen, select the plus icon (+) in the top right of the grid to create a new distribution list. Name the list, add the applicable contacts, and save.



Import and customize distribution lists per project

From the project menu, select Set Up > Distribution Lists.


If the required list is not showing in the grid, users can add a new list or import from the instance (global) lists.


Distribution lists within a project can be customized to suit the needs of that specific project. (This will not affect the master list saved under Admin.)


These distribution lists are available to select for submittals on the project.

Any unrequired lists can be hidden if the user does not wish to see them – simply select the delete icon under tools to hide individual lists, or select multiple lists and click the Hide distribution lists button (on the bottom right of the grid).