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DocBoss release update January 2022

DocBoss has released our latest update for April 2022 which is now available for all customers. Below are the updates in detail along with screenshots. The link at the bottom takes you to all release notes with full details. 


Create Package and Compilation Layouts at Instance Level

Users may create different default settings for compilations. These are created at the instance, and are selected on the project template. They are then loaded onto the project. So – if you find yourself always updating the compilation settings, you can now make the change once, and start from that point on each new compilation. 


New option to “Only display relevant equipment in lists”.

If you have order level cards which you have customized to remove some tags, those tags will no longer appear on compilation cover pages.


Outgoing Submittal Grid

Columns have been added to show if any Native or Comment files are assigned to the card (and will be included in the submittal)


Improved Card Search for Assign Files

We’ve expanded the fields you can use to find the search for the correct card. We now include the sub-supplier, as well as all custom and list fields

HTML editor update

We have refreshed the HTML editor for email templates. Small chanegs may appear, but generally the same.

Warnings on submittals

Any failure to add headers or footers will stop the system from sending the submittal. Users may forward the submittal after acknowledging the warning.


eSignature alerts

Users can subscribe to alerts which will be issued when cards required their eSignatures. On the user profile, expand the Email Notifications area and enable the checkbox.Snag_cb2455.png

Grids and Columns

Equipment list: Added column filters.

Relationships: Added column filter for contact name.

Card List and Multi-Project Status: Added column showing the current file name (the most recent file name in the card history – either uploaded or issued).

Project (Main) Change log

A link which will display changes made to the main project fields has been added to the bottom of the project (main) screen.


Updated name

The Subsidiary module has been renamed to the Affiliate module.

Restrict users to specific affiliates.

Enable affiliates on the user profile of each user. Affiliates must be enabled to grant access permissions

Manage project permission per affiliate

Grant a user full permission (example) to Affilate1 projects, but only allow view access to Affilate2 projects.

Affiliate addresses (per project)

Affiliates may execute projects from multiple offices. This allows users to select the appropriate address for each project (for each affiliate), and is available to pull into outgoing templates.

Set default affiliate (and default affiliate address) on user profile.

Users can choose which affiliate they want pre-selected on new projects, and can also default the affiliate address to use (for each affiliate)

Control library access by affiliate

Admins will allow each user access to affiliate libraries. This is separate from affiliate access because users may be given access to all affiliate libraries, but may only be permitted to create / view projects for a subset of affiliates.

Affiliates on library cards

By default, all cards uploaded to a library will be assigned to the default affiliate of the user, or if uploaded from a specific project, the project affiliate. Users can add additional affiliates if they wish, but it is not required.


New API Calls

Some new calls are available for our API.

  • Identify any project where main project data has changed since a certain point in time.
  • Identify any cards as “changed” based on changes to attached units.
  • Write equipment data to the equipment list

Other items

Project PO number is now available in the outgoing file name variable list

Number of Unprocessed files (incoming) is available as a column on the project list

To view all current and past release notes complete with screenshots, please click here.