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There are a number of benefits of using a cloud-based application like DocBoss when compared to the older, more traditional server-based app that gets installed on your computer or network.

These days, hosted cloud-based applications like DocBoss offer many benefits including greater security, ease of scalability, speed of implementation, lower long term costs and less work on your part when compared to server-based apps. As a hosted cloud-based application, there is no development, hosting, maintenance or support work required for DocBoss since we take care of that for you. All you need is a web browser to use DocBoss which also means you can easily collaborate with staff in different locations around the world with no additional costs typically associated with traditional server-based applications.

Not only is the initial use of a cloud-based app like DocBoss cheaper, the ongoing use is also more cost effective:

No sunk costs: With DocBoss, you’re basically renting the software and can easily scale it up or down as you require. This no software to download or install that you now effectively own and have to pay to upgrade over time. DocBoss users get all upgrades, hosting and maintenance as part of the cost. If you decide that DocBoss is not for you, you can stop using it. With server-based software, you’ve already bought it.

Scalability: You need more users, you simply add them and get them trained. Since it’s a web-based product, your new users simply get a login to use and start using DocBoss. There is nothing to download and no extra work on the part of your IT department since we take care of that for you.

Geography is irrelevent: DocBoss users simply login to DocBoss from anywhere in the world with their browser. This also makes work sharing and collaboration easier since your global staff can all use DocBoss as needed. This means you can take DocBoss with you and use it anywhere you travel. With server-based software, the app needs to be rolled out to every office that needs to use it and installed on all computers using it. So as soon as you travel and don’t have access to your computer, you can’t use the app until you return.

Custom-made: DocBoss was designed by someone who spent 15 years in the process equipment industry who couldn’t find an existing application that helped deliver increasingly custom engineering documentation to customers. When you consider the ongoing cost of designing, building, maintaining, supporting and upgrading an inhouse application, the costs can become very large. This is especially true if your app doesn’t end up addressing your needs or if your needs change over time. Being a hosted and cloud-based application, DocBoss takes care of all of this for you. With off-the-shelf software, you can only use the functionality you’re provided with.