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errorsUsing the wrong document version.

Using a document that is not actually in the document control program.

Revision errors.

Mistakes arising from using external documents.

Failing to confirm who is authorized to make changes to documentation.

According to AIB International these are the top five food industry document control errors that arise in audits. While you may not work in the food industry specifically, it’s interesting that these five errors do tend to be ones that document controllers in the oil & gas and other industries tend to mention as being personal frustrations with their own work situation.

The article mentions that about 25% of audits produce a non-conformance specifically related to errors in the document control process. While you may not face audits in your document control work, perhaps the high frequency of errors noted in the article will resonate with you.

Top 5 Document Control Errors Made in GFSI-Benchmarked Audits.