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logoAs we’ve spoken about in the past, DocBoss is especially helpful to process equipment suppliers who provide custom documentation to their customers at the end of projects. If you work with a bill of materials or VDRL, if you tag your products, if you find documentation work increasingly customized and time-consuming, DocBoss might be able to help.

Depending on your line of work and what you produce or sell, your requirements might be very different. Your requirements might also change depending on your customer and what they’re purchasing from you. The good news is that DocBoss was designed to help you handle each scenario that you face especially in instances where your customers have different and unique requirements.

In that regard, how can DocBoss help your business specifically?

Distributor and reps: If you’re a distributor or product representative for a line(s) of products, DocBoss can help your staff succeed with documentation. DocBoss helps you easily comply with EPC demands, and make documentation a profit center.

Fabricators: If you’re a fabricator or welder, DocBoss can also help. DocBoss helps you manage document submissions, easily build your MTR packages and create custom manufacturing record books (for every skid) with a few clicks of your mouse.

Manufacturers: If you manufacture your own products, DocBoss helps you manage your document commitments on every order. You can deliver documentation directly to your customers or give access to your channel. Reduce your document workload and make documentation work more efficient.