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logoOne of the main benefits of DocBoss is the full paper trail that it creates so that you can view the full  history of documents and understand where each document is in the process at any given time. When you have created transmittals to submit externally, there may be occasions where you need to cancel or amend the transmittals as circumstances arise.

With DocBoss, there are two action buttons to the right of the transmittal name that give you options depending on the specific situation:

Void transmittal

You can void a transmittal when you have made a mistake and simply want the documents to move back to the area from which they came. You will choose which documents you should void from the transmittal. If the documents have been processed subsequently, you will not be able to void them.

If you void a transmittal, the original transmittal will not appear on outbound history records but it will show in the document history.

Auto-reclaim transmittal

Auto-reclaim is used in situations where the customer approves your transmittal verbally but doesn’t physically return the documents. Rather than re-upload all the original documents to maintain the workflow trail, you can click Auto-reclaim and work with the documents inside DocBoss. This feature is also used in cases where documents are rejected but you do want to maintain the history of the transmittal.