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In some industries, it’s a passive component at the end of a job. For others it’s a key deliverable. If you are a manufacturer of process equipment, creating, managing and submitting documentation consumes an inordinate amount of time.

The manufacturing process for process equipment – whether instrumentation, valves, HVAC (blowers, fans), pumps etc – all have an enormous amount of testing, metal work and certifications which must be created, stored and submitted. When working with smaller unit sizes, the volume of documentation can be staggering. Identifying the requirements, and then tracking every piece is a large project management job.

In addition, the job is supplicated downstream. If you are sending the documentation to your rep/distributor, they generally start over with the tracking and submission process.

DocBoss delivers a system which identifies all the required documentation immediately upon placement of the order (or before – when you create your proposal). It tracks every document, and adds all the cover pages. It can be used by your reps to submit to their customers all without having to recreate the entire process.

Or vice versa: your reps can create the project and you can fill in this pieces.

Completing the record books adds a final touch, as DocBoss brings your organization up to speed with the project document submission requirements for current capital projects.