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We’re pleased to announce the August 2017 Release Notification to announce new functionality for all DocBoss customers. Highlights of this release include the following:

Update to nav

We updated our mega-menu, focusing in the most frequently used project areas.  You can go anywhere in your project faster.

Merge index and status list to card list

Index and status list joined their powers to create a unique interface, our new Card List.  Now you view and manage your cards from one single screen.

Addition of viewer to assign

Have you ever wonder what was that file that you just updated?  Well, no more guessing. “Incoming Documents” has a viewer that will show you a preview of the file you selected. Enabling the viewer is super easy, the viewer “Switch”  is located right beside the Files Staging area title.

Outstanding actions and history

Viewing and completing outstanding actions got simpler and better. Our document history got upgraded too.  Now you can look take a quick look at the past and compare versions if you need it.

You can view release notes by clicking here.