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Bulk Export of Files and Data from Project If you need to export many files simultaneously while using DocBoss, there’s a way to do so to save time and effort.

You can access the DocBoss Bulk Doc Download feature.

Here’s how to do it whether you’re working with a single project or multiple ones.

Current Files from a Single Project

Users can extract the most recent file from multiple cards via the Bulk Doc Download button on the card list.

Navigate to the card list for any project, select the card you want to include in the export and click the Bulk Doc Download button. A zip file will be prepared.

The files are named according to the Outgoing File Names format defined on the main settings page of the project.




This export will provide you with the MOST RECENT VERSION of each file.

All versions of files from multiple projects

If you wish to export every version of every file from one or more projects please send a message to our support team with the names/IDs of the projects you wish to export. This will be prepared for you and made available as a zip file.

The zip will have the following folder hierarchy:

  • Project
    • Doc Code
      • Card Name
        • All versions of files (using the file name convention + time/date).

To export card metadata and submittal history, simply create an SDI report and run it for the project(s).

And if you’d like to learn more about the topic of bulk add functionality in DocBoss, please check out the article How To Bulk Add Users in DocBoss.