Compilation Details and Structure Options (DocBoss)When DocBoss regenerates a compilation (only in the case where it is linked to a code), the process includes updating the active file in the linked cards.

But what if you have already received an approved compilation back from your customer?

Certainly DocBoss would not replace that with some newly generated version, right?


To avoid overwriting a card which should NOT be auto-updated with a new version of a compilation, we stop the generation and give a pop up to the user explain why it cannot be generated.

The reasons include:

  1. The card is out with a target (in +/-/* status). [user should wait for target to return the file before re-generating]
  2. The card is complete. [don’t want to overwrite a complete card]
  3. The card is “MANUAL”. User has downloaded, fixed and uploaded the file back to the card. [User obviously want to use their manually updated version instead of replacing it again with a regenerated version. ]

If all cards which are linked to the compilation are in any of these situations, the compilation will NOT regenerate. (if only some are in this state, DocBoss will regenerate the compilations for the cards which are NOT in these states).

If you DO want to regenerate, you need to change the card so it is NOT in these scenarios. Here is how for each or the 3 situations:

  1. Edit card so it is no longer in +/-/* status.
  2. Change so card is no longer in a complete status
  3. Reset to Regenerated Compilation (available from the EDIT card screen per below image).