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RightScale conducted its 7th annual State of the Cloud Survey detailing trends for 2018.  Some key takeaways from the survey:

  • 81% of enterprises with over 1,000 staff employ a multi-cloud strategy (ie. they utilize multiple public and/or multiple private cloud apps)
  • Only 5% of these enterprises have no plans to use cloud-based apps currently.
  • Enterprises using a hybrid cloud strategy (combining the use of public and private cloud apps) dropped while those utilizing the multi-cloud strategy has increased.
  • Public cloud spending (ie. on an app such as DocBoss) continues to increase: 20% of enterprises spend more than $6 million annually on them.

NOTE: DocBoss doesn’t cost nearly that much!

From the survey website, here is what the report focuses on:

  • Trends in cloud adoption among enterprises and SMBs

  • The role central IT is taking to govern enterprise cloud use

  • Which public and private clouds are growing most quickly

  • How quickly public cloud will grow in 2018

  • How companies are attacking wasted spend

  • Which cloud services are on the rise: Containers? Serverless? IoT?

You can download the full report by clicking here.