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In DocBoss a compilation is the final submission that you send to your EPC customers at the end of a project. You might refer to it as a submittal.

With DocBoss you can create custom submittals with a few clicks of your mouse to meet your EPC customer’s specs.

Compilations can be auto-generated per any equipment field by selecting a level for each doc code on Code List (Requirements) grid.

For instructions on how to set a level, see our article here.

Once the level is set, the compilation must be attached to the doc code in order to generate the compilation cards including only the documents belonging to the selected equipment field.

For example, if tag level is selected, there will be a compilation for each tag number and each of them will include only the cards linked to the applicable tag number.

Note: Order level cards will be included in all the compilations as these are linked to all the items from the Equipment List.

When there is more than one card created for the Compilation (i.e. tag level), once clicked on Re-generate a new pop will appear where can be selected only the Cards that need to re-generated at that moment: How to Re-generate Compilations.