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Below we’ll discuss how to create API access credentials with DocBoss.

Navigate to the security settings screen via the Settings menu. Your user account must have the security permission to access the security settings. If you do not see this option, contact your administrator.


The API Authorization block will appear to the right of the overall system settings. If you do not see the API Authorization grid, contact your DocBoss account manager. The API is a separate module. 


1. Link to open the API documentation. This is an online, interactive API – including options to test your queries. The link is based on your DocBoss login system:

i.e. for System5, the link is:

NOTE: You MUST have a DocBoss user account with at least VIEW access to access the API documentation and testing system. The link can be shared directly with View users for them to access.

Click Add Application and enter the credentials. We recommend you create separate login/password pairs for each application connecting to the API. Also – we suggest that your logins are easy to identify for each application – this value will appear in the list of credentials, so if you want to disable/change the password – you want to make it easy to identify.