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Databooks. Record Books. Dossiers: Compilations Completed By DocBossAt the end of projects, are you required to submit full project documentation to your EPC customers? Perhaps these submittal packages are highly customized for each customer too, often in the form of a template that they send you that you must adhere to.

This can lead to holdbacks at the end of projects if you struggle to meet these custom demands, not to mention the extra time and effort it can take to actually prepare the documentation in the first place.

DocBoss can help.

DocBoss was designed to help suppliers and distributors of process equipment deliver custom documentation to your EPC customers the first time, with the least amount of effort required by your document control staff, each time.

The compilations feature is just one aspect of how DocBoss helps you meet your customer requirements. Check out this short video to see how this feature works and how creating custom submittals really just involves a few clicks of your mouse.