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December 2023 Release NotificationDocBoss is happy to announce our latest release for December 2023. Our new release includes features like temporary split workflow, enhanced revision tracking, and a preview function for bulk matching parameters.

All updates are now available for all DocBoss customers. You can view the complete release with full details by clicking here.

Here is a summary of the additions that you can take advantage of:

  • Incoming documents – We’ve added several features related to Temporary Cards, Test Function and Page Range Preview.
  • Manage users – User management has been improved with additional fields.
  • Outstanding actions – Three new features have been added related to enabling users to complete actions in bulk, the ability to Track Completed Actions by Revision and the ability to Notify Multiple People on Completed Action.
  • Reporting – Expediting reports are now available in Excel (.xlsx) format.
  • Submittals – We’ve made additions to Enhanced Revision Tracking and the ability to add “problematic” characters in file names i.e. DocBoss used to replace certain characters with an underscore in this instance.
  • Templates – Users can now create reports showing the status of linked documents for each unit. o showcase their team’s quick turnaround between submittals, users can utilize the ‘DaysWithUs‘ variable to output the days between the customer’s return of a document and the next submission.
  • User Interface – Accordions have been added to simplify the interface under Admin > General.Instance eSignature settings have been moved to the AdminSecurity Settings area.

You can also view all past releases by visiting our main DocBoss release page.