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How can DocBoss help you manage and deliver documentation to your customers quicker, easier and with less work on your part?

Here is an overview of how DocBoss helps you Define, Submit, Track and Complete your documentation work. Be sure to click on each link at the end of each task for more detailed and visual information about each.


Know the scope of the document deliverables, before you even get started.

Defining the document index at the start of a project helps both you and your customer. But while the effort is valuable, it can be painstaking and time consuming. And if a change order is en route? DocBoss helps you build the document list quickly, and keeps it up to date as equipment lists change.

Send your documents. Send them like the wind.

Customers are customers. But when they have incredibly rigid submission requirements, the challenge increases. Quickly configure every aspect of your submission protocol on a project by project basis, while keeping your side as consistent as the tides.


Be the Boss of your Documentation.

With our new project dashboard and easy to run searches, you’ll amaze your friends, and stun your co-workers. Stay on top of all of your projects, even as you’re being pulled in many directions.


Get those holdbacks released, and wrap this baby up!

Finally finished all of the submissions? All documents approved? Time to build those databooks. But you’ve worked so hard already …let DocBoss take it from here. Within a few button clicks you can generate the completed databooks, burn a CD, and archive your project to your own server.